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To watch Allie play is to witness a passionate mixture of musical styles, from J.S. Bach to Pink Floyd. Allie has a classical background of violin playing that began in 1988, and to this day, Bach and Beethoven are amongst her biggest influences. In 2000, Allie went to college for violin performance at University of Illinois, and found a new love for bluegrass music and improvisation while frequenting The Canopy Club. A 2-year stint with band Green Mountain Grass took her to stage with improvised solos, touring the country and never looking back. A 10-year career with Chicago-based bluegrass jamband, Cornmeal, taught Allie to solo with ears open, with endlessly changing musical styles and a team-player attitude. Allie's excitement for music was nothing short of contagious and her passionate energy never-ending as she joined jamgrass pioneers, Yonder Mountain String Band, in 2014. Embracing her aural skills and heart-forward demeanor, Allie has now recorded on dozens of albums, and has played with the most well-known bluegrass players out there and just about every jamband on the scene. Moving her entire body with her playing, Allie has the ability to use her instrument as a voice, singing melodies with her bow, as an electric guitar, teasing David Gilmore licks with distortion and delay, or utilizing the space in her solos, claiming to be what she calls the sexiest part of playing music. With love and light, Allie continues her musical career with intent of spreading positive energy to all who listen.

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